Prairie Threads


Believe it or not I have a small little shop up and running. Hence the reason I’ve missed my usual Tuesday blog. I am pretty excited about it though. Of course you should go check it out!

– Prairie Threads –

Prairie Threads Products- handmade, customizable, 100% washable, cloth dolls, made to order |

Right now the shop is stocked with customizable dolls. There are 5 different outfit options to choose from, and many customizable options to make each doll just for YOU. Little A grows attached to each new doll we make. She hasn’t quite grasped the concept of creating to sell, but I suppose that’s a good thing. It’s reassurance other littles will love them too.

We are currently working on a new product and a new doll product line. No idea when those will be ready. Between enjoying the spring weather outside, laundry, and product prep our days are pretty jam packed (seriously, would you have it any other way?). So keep in touch with us.

Speaking of keeping in touch, I’m hooked up on a boat load of social media sites. You can find us on Facebook and on instagram at prairiethreads_ok, or you can email us at theprairiethreads[at]gmail[dot]com. Also, there should be a pop-up on our page that will allow you to sign up for our newsletter, if you missed the pop-up this link should allow you to sign up. Cross my heart, hope not to die, I WILL NOT SEND YOU CRAP UPON CRAP! I won’t email daily and probably not even weekly, BUT I WILL email you first peeks at products, promos going on, and special discounts for being super awesome and joining our newsletter. Also, I SWEAR I won’t sell your info to some black listed fat dude in Sri Lanka. Scout’s honor.

So a little about how this all came about.
As most of you may know I really enjoy sewing. Does that mean I’m good at it? Not by a long shot, but you know what they say, “With God, all things are possible (Matt. 19:26).” I’ve been sewing since 2011 and have been so impressed and excited about the skills I have developed. Recently (like in the last 6 months), I have had the desire to sell the things I make, but I never really felt led to sell any certain creation. Then out of the blue I decided to draw a doll pattern. Well drawing wasn’t enough, I had to make an example. So I dug in my scraps and put my pattern to the test. The outcome was perfect! Seriously, if I can be honest, if this didn’t work out right the first time I probably would not have pursued it. I would have set it aside and tried something else. But lucky me, it was a hit. Little A loved it and there was my answer. As silly as it is to say out loud, I make and sell dolls. Dolls. I have been taking baby steps in terms of making a product line, setting up a shop, and the rest of the business necessities. So far I am really enjoying it all! I’m trusting that God gave me this joy for a reason, and I know He has great plans for this little shop. I hope you are blessed in return.


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