Valentine’s Cardboard Craft

valentine's day, valentines DIY craft, xo, cardboard craft, glitter, valentine's decor, 1 John 4:19

Ya know, I kind of feel bad for Valentine’s day. It comes around right after one of the most decorated holidays of the year. People have (hopefully) finally put their Christmas things away and are too worn out, or still in the Christmas spirit, to move on to the next holiday. Not to mention, there are only so many ways and times one can use a heart to decorate with. And then there’s that thing Continue reading


Homemade Corn Dogs

homemade corn dogs, fair corn dogs at home, fried hot dogs, fair food at home

Homemade Corn Dogs

homemade corn dogs, fair corn dogs at home, fried hot dogs, fair food at home

Who doesn’t like a piping hot corn dog smothered in mustard and ketchup? De-lic-ious! Take me back to the days of the county fair where heaven is fried on a stick. I think it’s safe to say I am yearning for warm weather. Continue reading

Resolution Busting Brownies

resolution busting brownies, fudgy brownies, brownies, best brownies

Warning: to all of you who have made a resolution of either cutting sweets, carbs, calories or what have you-do not continue reading.
I give you: Resolution Busting Brownies…at least a pan worth of busting. Once the pan is gone you can resume your former plans.

resolution busting brownies, fudgy brownies, brownies, best brownies Continue reading

To The Real Pioneer Women

ice on grass, ice storm, oklahoma ice storm, pioneer women


Back when I was in college I had a few friends who would kid me about being a “pioneer woman,” and while I secretly wished it were true at the time, I have come to learn I don’t hold a candle to a REAL pioneer woman. I’ll start proving my point by admitting the candle I would hold would be store bought, not hand dipped in rendered pig fat I harvested off the pig in the backyard-like a REAL pioneer woman would do. Continue reading

In My Opinion: Keeping Christ in Christmas

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This time of year brings so much joy to our lives as we gear up to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. After all, it is a birthday celebration! Continue reading

2×4 Snowmen

2x4 snowmen, christmas craft, 2x4 scraps craft, snowmen, wood snowmen

Bear with me. I experienced some technical difficulties prior to publishing this article. So this is round two…

As I started to say before, a few Julys ago I had my own little “Christmas in July” crafting days. During that time I made these adorable Continue reading

Entry Bench

farmhouse bench, entry bench, DIY farmhouse bench, chalk paint, wood stain, bench

Weeks ago my handy husband put together an awesome entry bench for me. It only took months of begging for him to finally get tired of the nagging and do it. Hehe. I feel bad for nagging him, I hate to be THAT wife, but sometimes it’s necessary. Husbands don’t always take your requests seriously, and that’s why we women turn to nagging. Continue reading