In My Opinion: My FabFitFun Subscription

So as some of you may know, and some of you may have been waiting for this post, I gave in to a two year long lust and signed up for the FabFitFun subscription box. I just want to start off by saying Continue reading



My summer hiatus turned out to be way longer than I was anticipating. I have no idea where the time has gone. Lots of wonderful life has happened these last few months. I recall promising garden updates and clearly failed. So here’s the update: Continue reading

Our Garden 2016

Our Garden 2016 -- a start of garden and resources used to get us going |

Our Garden 2016

It’s FINALLY that time of year again. YAY! We’ve had a windy (and that’s an understatement) spring. The wind has brought some great rains, and also some chilly weather. It’s taken us a while to get out and get our garden started, but no worries! It’s done now!  Continue reading

To The Real Pioneer Women

ice on grass, ice storm, oklahoma ice storm, pioneer women


Back when I was in college I had a few friends who would kid me about being a “pioneer woman,” and while I secretly wished it were true at the time, I have come to learn I don’t hold a candle to a REAL pioneer woman. I’ll start proving my point by admitting the candle I would hold would be store bought, not hand dipped in rendered pig fat I harvested off the pig in the backyard-like a REAL pioneer woman would do. Continue reading

A Child’s 30 Days of Thanks

30 days of thankfulness, thanksgiving bunting, leaf bunting, kid's 30 days of thankfulness

It’s nearly here! My favorite holiday is just around the corner. Are your basters ready? Your rolling pins primed? I can hardly wait to sit down at the table and dig in to some of the best foods of the season. And then of course top it all off with an enormous slice of cherry pie! The kiddos and I have been doing some Thanksgiving prep of our own, just not on the meal side of things. Continue reading

I’m new, I’m new. I don’t know what to do!

Well here we are. After some persuasion, a bit of research, and some “why the heck not” I finally took the plunge. I honestly have no idea what I just got myself in to. I am excited to learn (boy do I have A LOT to learn)! I have some lofty goals and big dreams ahead, and hopefully many changes will occur to make this a successful place to share and learn. Thanks for joining me in the ride!