Flashbacks and Hot Deals

clutch, orange clutch, amazon clutch, clutch or purse, envelope purse

I was recently listening to some 80’s and 90’s country (because I CANNOT STAND today’s “country”) and one of my favorites came on: “I’m Alright” by Jo Dee Messina. Take a moment to watch and chuckle at the awesome sunglasses, rad hair-do, and sweet outfits. You know you love it. 
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Tidbits and Weight Loss

I’m going to skip the lead in story and get straight to it. Here are my secrets: Continue reading

In case you didn’t know…

It’s PRIME DAY! I’m a huge (self proclaimed) lover of Amazon. I’ve been a prime member since little A hit the ground and have never regretted it. I am especially enjoying their latest additions to being a prime member such as streaming music and watching shows. And who doesn’t like free 2-day shipping? It is especially wonderful to have things delivered to my door two days later, rather than packing up the kids and driving 45 minutes to the nearest town with a decent grocery store or driving an hour and a half to the nearest mall. So having prime is definitely worth it for me. Continue reading