Valentine’s Cardboard Craft

valentine's day, valentines DIY craft, xo, cardboard craft, glitter, valentine's decor, 1 John 4:19

Ya know, I kind of feel bad for Valentine’s day. It comes around right after one of the most decorated holidays of the year. People have (hopefully) finally put their Christmas things away and are too worn out, or still in the Christmas spirit, to move on to the next holiday. Not to mention, there are only so many ways and times one can use a heart to decorate with. And then there’s that thing Continue reading


2×4 Snowmen

2x4 snowmen, christmas craft, 2x4 scraps craft, snowmen, wood snowmen

Bear with me. I experienced some technical difficulties prior to publishing this article. So this is round two…

As I started to say before, a few Julys ago I had my own little “Christmas in July” crafting days. During that time I made these adorable Continue reading

Entry Bench

farmhouse bench, entry bench, DIY farmhouse bench, chalk paint, wood stain, bench

Weeks ago my handy husband put together an awesome entry bench for me. It only took months of begging for him to finally get tired of the nagging and do it. Hehe. I feel bad for nagging him, I hate to be THAT wife, but sometimes it’s necessary. Husbands don’t always take your requests seriously, and that’s why we women turn to nagging. Continue reading

Candy Corn Bottles – DIY

candy corn bottles diy, halloween decor, candy corn wine bottles, how to spray paint wine bottles

I’m sure you’ve all seen them-Candy Corn Bottles. A simple task of spray painting wine bottles to resemble candy corn. I think they’re cute, and have been wanting to make them for a few years now. I finally rounded up all the supplies and gave it a whirl. Long story short, it was a slight fail. Not surprised.

candy corn bottles diy, halloween decor, candy corn wine bottles, how to spray paint wine bottles Continue reading

Burlap & Tulle Witch Legs

witch legs, witch leg wreath, halloween witch wreath, burlap and tulle wreath

Is it seriously October already?! I swear winter just ended and now it’s just a few months away (boo!). I’m praying for a looooong, nice fall. So far, so good. It’s been beautiful out here on the plains. It’s hard to get anything done when the weather is coaxing you out of the house. I have, however, managed to complete a Halloween craft: Burlap and Tulle Witch Legs.  Continue reading