Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I am Kayla: a daughter of Christ, a wife, a mother, and a few other things in between. I enjoy Cheerios smashed in the carpet and sticky hand prints on my just cleaned windows. Ok, not really but I do enjoy that these messes mean I have two little blessings running around creating them.

A brief history:little family big plains

I grew up on a cotton farm in the beautiful state of Arizona. I attended the University of Arizona for a year and decided that this was not where I was meant to be. On half of a whim along with a prayer I up and moved to Oklahoma, and have absolutely loved it ever since -it is truly remarkable how our Lord works! I enrolled at the best college to ever grace this nation: Oklahoma State University (no arguments accepted on the subject 😉 ). In the fall of 2009, at my beloved OSU, I had my “love at first sight” moment. If you don’t believe in that I’m here to tell you it’s real! It just may not be experienced by all. More on that story later…

Anyways, two blissful and wild years later the farmer and the (almost) teacher tied the knot. After a couple changes and more years than necessary in 2013 I finally earned a degree in Elementary Education. Today I am so grateful to be able to stay at home and raise our two little turkeys in the middle of a field. I couldn’t be more excited to share with them a life of loving the Lord and of growing up in agriculture. Two things that go hand in hand.

In this blog I am eager to share some good eats, a few sewing adventures, our wonderful life out on the plains, and whatever else that tickles my fancy.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am glad to “meet” you. Good luck and I look forward to your posts. I too adventured out into the blogging world. I was looking for a way to “escape” from the constant flow
    of negative information.


    1. It’s great to “meet” you as well Jamie! Funny story, I grew up with a girl named Jamie Sears so I initially thought you were her. Upon reading your about page I realized you are a new Jamie Sears. It’s refreshing to meet people who are striving to share positive things in life amongst the negativity all around. I look forward to seeing more on your site! Take care!


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