In My Opinion: My FabFitFun Subscription

So as some of you may know, and some of you may have been waiting for this post, I gave in to a two year long lust and signed up for the FabFitFun subscription box. I just want to start off by saying that I LOVE MAIL! I love receiving mail. Unexpected or the weekly Amazon shipment. I. LOVE. MAIL. Except bills (duh!). So with that being said I was naturally excited for this and was automatically going to love it solely based on the fact stated above.

Ok, now that we’ve established my biased towards mail we can move on.

My box FINALLY arrived and was perfectly packed and presented, I immediately fell in love and I hadn’t even looked at any of the items. I can say that after the googly eyes wore off I still loved the box.


So what did I receive? We’ll get to that in a second. You should know that there’s a difference between the regular box you’ll get quarterly and the editor’s box, which is what I received this go ’round. Without getting into too much of what’s already on their site, you can get the editor’s box of the year any time AND you can become a select member and choose/customize certain items you’ll receive. Check out their website for those details. Ok, on ward to the goods:

The Loch and Key Scarf – from Modcloth ($34.99) Not going to lie. This scarf is probably 80% of the reason I signed up. It is seriously the bomb dot com. I obviously don’t have any other blanket scarves. It is so warm and cozy, the colors are perfect, and it’s definitely one of the more “trendy” things I own. I’ve even washed it and it’s held up great.

To Go Coffee Mug – The Created Co. ($19) Mine says “hello gorgeous” and it frankly speaks the truth (brush hair off shoulder). I kid. It’s a cute to-go mug. It works great for wine on the go. Don’t ask me how I know that. No, I was not driving. No, the kids were not involved either. I haven’t used it for any other beverage, so therefore I’m renaming it the “To Go Wine Mug.” Honestly, besides it coming in my awesome box that was mailed to me, it’s a to-go mug.

Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain – Manna Kadar ($24) I’m a closet lover of all things lip. I’m also very cheap, so I don’t have many fantastic lip items. Shameless Rodan + Fields consultant plug – seriously you NEED the Lip Renewing System (LRS) it is the ultimate lip reviver/saver/protector. Take it from a chronic dry lipped person. It’s a necessity. Anyways, I have to say this product is probably tied at number 1 with the scarf for me. The color is a gorgeous purplish-nude, it goes on like butta, and it doesn’t smell or taste funky. It is literally a gloss and stain. When you drink something the glossy aspect comes off (with some color) but the stain aspect truly stays on your lips. It’s easy to reapply, no clumping or other weird happenings. I wear a nude lip liner with it because I tend to rub my lips together a lot and I think it slightly bleeds. I will definitely be looking at this brand in the future for other colors or a replacement.

Tag Necklace – Jook and Nona ($65) Did you read that? Sixty-five dollars! WOW! My necklace says “dream.” Which somewhat speaks to me right now and the recent goals and endeavors I’ve set for myself. BUT I’m not big on the necklace. I would honestly prefer a solid gold bar with nothing inscribed on it. The back has “Jook and Nona” inscribed, so no wearing it backwards either. Dang it! It’s beautiful and a great length, I just don’t like what  it says (I’m so picky). The great thing is I can either get over my personal goofiness and wear it, or give it as a really awesome (by awesome I mean expensive) gift to someone who would love it. So win win.

Mineral Peel Face – O.R.G. Skincare ($44) I’m just going to let you know I haven’t used this. I’m scared to. My poor face has endured so much torture between allergic reactions and switching face products that I haven’t had any desire to use it. My favorite gal pal, who also gets this box, has tried hers and said it’s pretty awesome. I’m putting it in the category with the necklace: use or gift.

Nail Polish – Zoya ($9) The color I received is called Rue. I would probably never buy this color for myself, but much to my surprise it is GORGEOUS! I really, really like this color. It’s kind of a blush, but not so pink. It almost looks nude on your finger. The main thing I noticed about this polish was the lack of odor. It’s not as “toxic” smelling as the usual brands I use. It has also held up well compared to other brands as well. This is another brand I will look into and purchase more from.

Argan & Hemp Hair Oil – Marrakesh ($22.99) This timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve been wanting to get some sort of frizz/taming/nourishing oil for my hair, but being the cheap-wad I am didn’t want to spend money on something and then not like it. I’ve used this oil a handful of times now. The smell is pleasing and I really like that it doesn’t make my hair look nasty and greasy. It has somewhat helped with the flyaways in my hair, but as for any other improvement I haven’t noticed any yet.

Coloring Book & Colored Pencils – FabFitFun ($14) Greg has made fun of the “adult” coloring books that are all the rave lately, so I have avoided buying one. And seriously, I don’t have the time to color (but I am secretly excited about it because I used to love to color). I have, however, looked at every page and have thought about what colors to use where on some pages. The coloring book is still colorless, which is surprising with a 5 year old girl in the house. I did threaten her with her life if I caught her using my new pencils or coloring my pages. She must have really taken the threats to heart. Now if only I can harness that fear and have her apply it to other tasks I assign her. Anywho, someday I’ll color my little heart out. Until then I feel well knowing there was a donation made to Pencils of Promise because of my subscription.

The bonus item I received was the Beach Butter Body Cream – Anderson Lilley ($24) I got the Sicilian Tangerine flavor. I was kind of bummed because I really wanted the eyeshadow palette, but my bum status was quickly turned to joy once I smelled and used the body cream. It is luxurious. It seriously (warning: another shameless R+F plug) compares to the Rodan + Fields Essentials Daily Body Moisturizer. It is not greasy. It absorbs well. The smell is very refreshing. I really like this stuff. I have to tell you though, do not put it on before you go to bed. I lathered my whole body up in it the other night, and I can still smell it on my sheets and PJs -not very pleasing.

Overall I am so glad I took the plunge. Two out of nine items were “whatevs” for me, so I’d count that as a win. I also liked that in the box they included a small card that highlighted each product and gave the retail value. There was also a coupon for Hello Fresh that I trashed, guess I should have offered that up to someone, sorry! If you’re on the fence I would encourage you to do it. You can subscribe for a year at a time or go month by month. Many items in your box are also available to you at a discount if you want more, perfect for birthdays! Just do it! Be sure to use the link above or this link, so I get a little kickback for your awesomeness and succumbing to peer pressure. Hope you found this helpful! Until next time ❤


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