Our Garden 2016

Our Garden 2016 -- a start of garden and resources used to get us going | littlefamilybigplains.wordpress.com

Our Garden 2016

It’s FINALLY that time of year again. YAY! We’ve had a windy (and that’s an understatement) spring. The wind has brought some great rains, and also some chilly weather. It’s taken us a while to get out and get our garden started, but no worries! It’s done now! 

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. Get your ground worked up any way you can. A little ol Ford tractor and rototiller are perfect for the job. Shovels also work for you more ambitious gardeners.

Tilling is not complete without a crying toddler begging to ride.

Our Garden 2016 -- a start of garden and resources used to get us going | littlefamilybigplains.wordpress.com

So after a few rounds you finally get this beautiful little plot of land that will soon be flourishing with amazing produce that is so much better ONLY because of your own hard work and sweat dripped all over it. P.S. Yes Joni, we did more than double this year so you can’t laugh at us quite as much 😉

Add a few more tantrums before you call it a day.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a fenced backyard, jump up and down. If you’re the one with raised beds, I envy you. And if you’re like us- no fence, no raised beds (although those would make the plants easily accessible for those dang deer) then I recommend putting up a chicken wire fence around your plot. Again, dang deer.

Well fancy that! You’re ready to plant! Ohh wait. A few tips before you get your hands dirty.

-graph out your area
-take note of plant spacing
-check out companion planting: article here and chart here
-plot out what goes where
-gather your tools: trowel, row maker, weed barrier and stakes/pins, tomato cages, seeds/plants
-ok, now you can start

We had some volunteer corn coming up from last year, so we decided to work smarter not, harder and transplant it in our first row. Fingers crossed it all survives! We decided to line the space between each row of corn with weed barrier material. Work smarter, not harder is becoming the mantra of our garden this year. Hopefully it proves to be a smart decision.

So, “how do you get straight rows?” I’m so glad you asked! You take a stake of some sort, tie a string to the end, and give yourself a bit of length. Opposite end stake optional, I opted for a weed barrier pin.

Measure out your row length/walk it off, put your stakes in, dig a trench with your trusty and slightly rusty trowel -follow your string, plant your seeds, cover, repeat.


Last to go in were our tomatoes, tomatillos, and jalapeños. Hello home grown, homemade salsa. OHYEAHHH!


There you have it! We pray for more rain, thank God for the ability to turn on a sprinkler, and anxiously await the first fruits of our labor. What are some garden tips or tricks you’ve learned?

Can’t wait to share our garden successes and fails with you this summer. And that’s all she wrote – ❤


3 thoughts on “Our Garden 2016

  1. Can’t wait to see what your harvest will look like!!! Too bad we don’t live near, we could reap some of the benefits…ha ha


    1. Thanks! The kids are really excited. If it’s anything like last year we’ll have lots to share. Guess you’ll have to relocate to OK 😉 hope you’re doing well!


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