Valentine’s Cardboard Craft

Ya know, I kind of feel bad for Valentine’s day. It comes around right after one of the most decorated holidays of the year. People have (hopefully) finally put their Christmas things away and are too worn out, or still in the Christmas spirit, to move on to the next holiday. Not to mention, there are only so many ways and times one can use a heart to decorate with. And then there’s that thing about it being a commercial holiday, or “Hallmark Holiday.” Oh yeah, and don’t forget all the memes about being forever alone and how much Valentine’s sucks. Not too many positives going for VDay.

Whatever the case may be, I have to admit: Valentine’s day has always been sort of bland to me as well.

So I’ve decided to change that a little by embracing the loving aspect of the holiday and creating some cute decor to get us in a loving mood. Since Cupid and his arrows aren’t real (drats).

I don’t know about you, but I have so many cardboard boxes around. Between my monthly Prime Pantry box and diapers we could easily supply the Deer Creek post office. Instead they turn into dog houses for the kids, or this…

valentine's day, valentine's craft, cardboard craft, heart, cardboard and coffee filters heart

The tutorial for this cardboard/coffee filter heart wreath can be found here. It’s a great tutorial, super easy to follow and customize. All you need is cardboard (mine is from a diaper box), coffee filters, string of some sort, paint, and water.

valentine's day, valentine's craft, cardboard craft, heart, cardboard and coffee filters heart

My personal favorite Valentine’s decor is the XO I created and covered with GLITTER! Gah, I seriously love glitter. I do not have enough of it in my life.

valentine's day, valentines DIY craft, xo, cardboard craft, glitter

valentine's day, valentines DIY craft, xo, cardboard craft, glitter

So. Many. Diaper. Boxes.

What you need:

spray on glue
scissors or box cutter

How to:

First disassemble your cardboard box. Once you have a large area draw your boxy “x” and “o.” You don’t want to draw them across the areas where the box was bent, try to keep them on solid, flat areas. Each letter fit on one of the long sides of the diaper box.

Cut out the letters.

Paint your letters and let them dry.

Time to glitterize! Do one letter at a time. You might want to do this part in another box (seriously, so many boxes) to keep the glitter contained and possibly reusable. If you happen to be box-less, find a place that will be happy to be glued and glittered. Spray your letter down really well with spray glue and sprinkle glitter alllllllll over it, covering it very well. Wait a few seconds and gently shake off the top layer, then spray the letter again to make sure your glitter stays in place. You can also repeat the process as many times as your sparkly heart desires. Do the same thing with the other letter.

Pat your self on the back. You just created super cute Valentine’s day decor! If you’re like me it was probably your first. Well done! Now go display that magnificent piece of art.

valentine's day, valentines DIY craft, xo, cardboard craft, glitter, valentine's decor, 1 John 4:19

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you love birds that give into the commercialism (myself included). And have a good day to those of you who stand your ground. ❤



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