One Skillet Beef Stew

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This weather has the kids and I in all sorts of confusion. One days it’s spring and the next day it’s winter. The forecast says this and then the wind make it feel like that. It’s been a crap chute lately on three different aspects of our lives: our daily outfits, our moods, and supper plans. Luckily our daily outfits are easy to amend thanks to the idea of layers and the ever handy jacket. Our moods…not so easy. We are all getting cabin fever, and those nice spring-like days are making the wintery ones that much more unbearable. Continue reading


Valentine’s Cardboard Craft

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Ya know, I kind of feel bad for Valentine’s day. It comes around right after one of the most decorated holidays of the year. People have (hopefully) finally put their Christmas things away and are too worn out, or still in the Christmas spirit, to move on to the next holiday. Not to mention, there are only so many ways and times one can use a heart to decorate with. And then there’s that thing Continue reading