In My Opinion: Keeping Christ in Christmas

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This time of year brings so much joy to our lives as we gear up to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. After all, it is a birthday celebration!

Along with “the reason for the season” we find ourselves busy with other preparations, traditions, and tasks. Many of which we are more than willing to take on, and we even look forward to most of them (eating the cookies-am I right?!). But with all of this we tend to get distracted, find short cuts, and in a lot of ways we leave out The reason for the season.

I’m not here to harp, and this won’t take long. BUT I do have one request: Keep Christ in Christmas. Don’t take the short cut and ‘x’ Him out of His day – the WHOLE reason we even have “Christmas.” Don’t be lazy, brothers and sisters. As His followers it is our duty to keep Him front and center – and what better way to keep Him as our reason than by showing Him respect and keeping Him in Christmas. What I’m getting at is please stop writing/saying “xmas.” Take the time to spell out His name! It’s only 5 extra letters. You have time for 5 extra letters. Especially since those letters describe the One who gave His life for you, and the reason for Christmas in the first place.

That’s all I have. ❤

happy birthday Jesus, He's the reason for the season, keep Christ in Christmas


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