2×4 Snowmen

Bear with me. I experienced some technical difficulties prior to publishing this article. So this is round two…

As I started to say before, a few Julys ago I had my own little “Christmas in July” crafting days. During that time I made these adorable 2×4 snowmen. I decided to share them with you, because seriously they are too cute not to share!

2x4 snowmen, christmas craft, 2x4 scraps craft, snowmen, wood snowmen

They are super easy to make and customize, and a great addition to any Christmas decor. Here’s what you need to get started:

Head to your nearest lumber yard/home improvement store and pick out a 2×4 board. Have the nice guy in the area cut it in three segments. My snowmen measure: 2ft., 2.5ft., and 3ft..

White spray paint, or regular paint

Christmas-y fabric scraps (at least a foot worth)

Permanent markers in black and orange (or whatever you like)

Hot glue gun

Plastic bags or fabric scraps (for stuffing the stocking caps)

Raffia or string/twine

Let’s put it together:

First step is to (obviously) paint your boards

While those are drying pick out your fabric for the hats and neck ties, and determine what is going where.

2x4 snowmen, christmas craft, 2x4 scraps craft, snowmen, wood snowmen

For the caps I cut 12-16in wide strips of fabric, and I made sure they were long enough to wrap around the boards. You want plenty of area to stuff, and you can always trim the excess off the top after you glue it on.

If you don’t have enough length to wrap around the board, no worries. That’s what glue is for.

2x4 snowmen, christmas craft, 2x4 scraps craft, snowmen, wood snowmen

With your glue gun warmed up you can start putting the caps on the snowmen. I started by folding the bottom up an inch (a quick iron makes a nice fold). Next put a line of glue across the bottom of the cap. I did this in sections, first I did a line across the part that would be in the front of the snowman, stuck it on the board (about 4-5in down from the top), and then continued with the sides and the back. Lastly, glue the ends of fabric down to the board along the back side.

Now that your cap is glued on it’s time to stuff it and tie it off. I used some scrap fabric to stuff, but plastic grocery bags would work just as well. Stuff as little or as much as you like. When you’re ready, gather the top and tie it off with raffia, twine, string, or what have you. You can cut off any excess fabric on the top at this point.

Now for the fun part, creating a face. I would draw a face out with a pencil first, to make sure it’s exactly what you want, and then fill it in with a permanent marker.

You’re nearly finished! All you have left is to cut a 3in. strip of fabric, long enough to wrap around the board and tie a bow. Trim as needed and there you have it! Super cute 2×4 snowmen!

2x4 snowmen, christmas craft, 2x4 scraps craft, snowmen, wood snowmen

I hope you enjoy these guys as much as I do! ❤


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