A Child’s 30 Days of Thanks

It’s nearly here! My favorite holiday is just around the corner. Are your basters ready? Your rolling pins primed? I can hardly wait to sit down at the table and dig in to some of the best foods of the season. And then of course top it all off with an enormous slice of cherry pie! The kiddos and I have been doing some Thanksgiving prep of our own, just not on the meal side of things.

Each year I like to whip up a little turkey inspired shirt for my babies to wear. This year was no different.

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I used the same technique I did back in this post. I’m seriously writing Santa this year and asking for a Silhouette machine. I’ve been really good this year (insert cheesy smile here). Cutting these small letters out gets to be pretty tedious, I tell you what. In the event he holds out on me, I’ll keep on keepin’ on the old fashioned way 🙂

I love the paint on Little A’s “thankful” shirt. It’s such a pretty, sparkly green (metallic green acrylic paint). I wish I would have been thinking on my toes and purchased some gold knit spandex to bust out a knotted headband. I never fail to just fall short of the “on point” outfit. Oh well. It’s about gratitude, not your outfit, right?

This year we did something new at our house. I have always loved the idea of writing down something you are thankful for each day of November (not necessarily on Facebook…). Little A is at the age where she is starting to appreciate more, and better comprehend what it means to be thankful for things in our life. A few years back I saw a beautiful leaf bunting where each day they recorded something they were thankful for on a new leaf and added to the bunting until the end of the month. So this year we did something similar. Little A helped me create a few different leaves, we cut them out, hung a piece of string from our mantel, and have been adding new leaves of thanks each day.

30 days of thankfulness, thanksgiving bunting, leaf bunting, kid's 30 days of thankfulness

I LOVE hearing what she comes up with to be thankful for. The heart of a child is so tender and kind. For instance, in the first few days of November we did the expected “We are thankful for momma, or daddy, or big’n’boy etc.” but then she started reaching beyond the usual suspects and saying things like, “Jesus dying on the cross, or Miss Jean Kay (her Sunday School teacher), or rain for daddy’s crops.”

30 days of thankfulness, thanksgiving bunting, leaf bunting, kid's 30 days of thankfulness

Kids are so stinkin’ sweet. I’m so grateful for the physical and spiritual help I have had from the Lord and my husband in raising such a genuine little girl.

This years 30 days of thanks has really been heartwarming. I’m looking forward to our Thanksgiving day and more traditions that will grow with our family. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. ❤


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