A Child’s 30 Days of Thanks

30 days of thankfulness, thanksgiving bunting, leaf bunting, kid's 30 days of thankfulness

It’s nearly here! My favorite holiday is just around the corner. Are your basters ready? Your rolling pins primed? I can hardly wait to sit down at the table and dig in to some of the best foods of the season. And then of course top it all off with an enormous slice of cherry pie! The kiddos and I have been doing some Thanksgiving prep of our own, just not on the meal side of things. Continue reading


The Best Dang Chicken Tacos. Ever.

best dang chicken tacos ever, chicken tacos, restaurant style chicken tacos, mexican food

In case you didn’t know, I love Mexican food. And by Mexican food I don’t mean just any Mexican food. Growing up in southern Arizona makes you develop a particular palette for good Mexican food. Not that Mexican food from other areas isn’t good…it’s just Continue reading

Greg’s Favorite Pasta

chicken alfredo, Greg's favorite pasta, homemade alfredo, rosemary bread

There is only one way that Greg will gladly eat pasta: smothered in a creamy, cheesy white sauce. ¬†After I moved to Oklahoma I developed an obsession of buying Taste of Home Magazines. One of which happened to be the “best of” edition which held one of the many keys to my man’s heart. Continue reading

Lion’s Mane DIY

kid halloween costumes, lion and lion tamer costumes, lion diy costume, lion tamer diy costume

Well, hello November. I am not ready to see you! Was anyone’s Halloween anything more than a blur? The day/night flew by for me. The kiddos had so much fun dressing up this year, and I got way too much enjoyment out of designing and creating their costumes. Ha – that makes it sound like I created some extravagant ensembles. In reality they were Continue reading