In My Opinion: Alum vs. Fan

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I want to take a moment and remember those who lost their lives or were injured at the Oklahoma State University Homecoming parade on Saturday. It was truly a tragic event, and my prayer is that all those affected, along with their families, are brought healing and peace.

Let’s switch gears…
This weekend my husband and I got to celebrate our anniversary by attending Homecoming, at the one and only Oklahoma State University. It is our anniversary tradition to go down and reunite with many college friends. I may be bias, but OSU isn’t known as “America’s Greatest Homecoming” for no reason. It truly is spectacular!

OSU alum, OSU homecoming, alum vs fan, okstate

This year was so much fun, as is every year. But this year I learned something new; not just about me, but about many other fellow alumni as well. This year a friend of ours, who happens to be a fan of the enemy (OU), joined in on the homecoming festivities and he proposed a bet with me. The bet was on Bedlam (the OSU vs. OU football game). The terms of the wager were Continue reading


Candy Corn Bottles – DIY

candy corn bottles diy, halloween decor, candy corn wine bottles, how to spray paint wine bottles

I’m sure you’ve all seen them-Candy Corn Bottles. A simple task of spray painting wine bottles to resemble candy corn. I think they’re cute, and have been wanting to make them for a few years now. I finally rounded up all the supplies and gave it a whirl. Long story short, it was a slight fail. Not surprised.

candy corn bottles diy, halloween decor, candy corn wine bottles, how to spray paint wine bottles Continue reading

Deepen Your Walk with Christ

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As I get older and grow more mature in my walk with Christ, I appreciate and realize more and more the importance of daily prayer and reading my Bible. I wish I would have had this appreciation when I was younger. While I had a relationship with the Lord I never really developed it and searched for who God really is. Continue reading

Burlap & Tulle Witch Legs

witch legs, witch leg wreath, halloween witch wreath, burlap and tulle wreath

Is it seriously October already?! I swear winter just ended and now it’s just a few months away (boo!). I’m praying for a looooong, nice fall. So far, so good. It’s been beautiful out here on the plains. It’s hard to get anything done when the weather is¬†coaxing you out of the house. I have, however, managed to complete a Halloween craft: Burlap and Tulle Witch Legs.¬† Continue reading