Flashbacks and Hot Deals

I was recently listening to some 80’s and 90’s country (because I CANNOT STAND today’s “country”) and one of my favorites came on: “I’m Alright” by Jo Dee Messina. Take a moment to watch and chuckle at the awesome sunglasses, rad hair-do, and sweet outfits. You know you love it. 
So anyways, as I’m singing along it comes to the end of the song and the lyrics say “send a fax, or send me a letter…” and I had to stop and laugh. This song was released in 1998! And we were still singing about sending faxes. Do grade school kids these days even know what a fax is? It is seriously amazing how far technology has come. As that thought crosses my mind I do the math to see how many years it’s been since ’98 and I hate to break it to you but it’s been SEVENTEEN, 17, 10+7. A whopping 17 years has passed. I feel old. No wonder we aren’t singing about faxing any more… I thought you would enjoy that flashback 😉

Hey, remember the pillow covers from last week? Well forget them (no really don’t, they’re too cute and easy to make). Check out these adorable (and cheap) covers I found on Amazon: jolly santa, prancing reindeer, vintage 4th of July (I’m totally getting this one). Forget the holidays, there are also some everyday pillow covers such as this “grumpy cat” cover for those of you cat ladies and men. Hehe.

So I follow a few “boutique” type blogs and websites such as Jane (which I’m an affiliate so a percentage of any purchases you make through my link will be given to me! Thanks for your help!), and I like to shop around some local boutiques (not as often as I’d like haha dang self-control). I have found some great deals and great clothes, but I have also been ripped off a couple times (sigh). For instance, a friend and I recently bought these adorable clutch/purses for (I hate to admit it, don’t tell my husband) $20.

clutch, orange clutch, amazon clutch, clutch or purse, envelope purse

Later that night I was laying in bed browsing Amazon and decided to search the clutches they had to offer. FIRST. STINKIN’. CLUTCH. The exact one I JUST spent $20 on…I don’t even want to tell you how much it was…FOUR DOLLARS. 😦 and it was a prime item so I would have had it in two days for $0 in shipping. I COULD HAVE BOUGHT 5 CLUTCHES FOR THE PRICE I PAID!!!!!!!!!!! Gah! What I should have done was return the clutch and then turn around and buy 5 because there are 5 colors I could have easily chosen. Or bought one and had $15 in the bank (the hubs would be so proud), but no. I was a sucker and lost money. The clutches aren’t available right now for $4. To be prime eligible they are $8.99, but there are other sellers that offer more color options at lower prices and many have free shipping. Such as this pretty pink clutch for $4.78 with free shipping.

Then there is instance number two: I saw some cute chiffon shirts on a website at a fairly reasonable price of $11 + shipping. I bought two. Got on Amazon AFTER I bought them. SAME DANG SHIRT. For cheaper. $1.80 + $3.99 in shipping. FAIL. So I got two more from Amazon and learned a very important lesson. For one I learned that a lot of these boutiques are making big bucks off of us suckers. Two, I learned to check Amazon prior to a purchase, and sometimes you have to do some digging to really find a better deal than the boutique/website. Now I have to warn you that the shirts ship from China. It takes 2-4 weeks before your purchase arrives, I personally am not bothered by that. They have a pretty good crease in them that falls out after a few wears and washes, and they are pretty static prone but nothing some static guard can’t handle. When I ordered the sizes were not in American sizing so I had to order two sizes up, but last I checked they were in American sizing. I ordered “Large” and while it is a bit roomy it’s not sloppy big. I think the fit is perfect. I’m very satisfied with my buy. I also warn you to read the reviews prior to a purchase because those helped me with ordering the right size and in some cases have talked me out of an order.

amazon shirts, chiffon shirts, colorful chiffon shirt, striped chiffon shirt

A trick I have learned is to add an item to your cart, “save item for later”, and when you revisit your cart you are told of whether the price of your items have increased or decreased. About a month ago I added a simple chiffon tank that was $0.05 + shipping. I saved it for later and it increased to $99. I laughed and considered deleting it, but decided to keep it saved. Two days ago it dropped to a penny. A PENNY! Add to cart. I bought the tank for a PENNY + $3.99 in shipping. A $4 tank. I’ll take it! Get it while it’s hot people!

I’ve also scored some great, cheap jewelry. Like this pink flower necklace or this black triangle necklace. I also have this colorful statement necklace saved in my cart and this jade green one too. I see necklaces like this often for $15 or more. Definitely check out Amazon prior to any purchase. You may save yourself a few bucks or find something else.

I should lastly mention that I’m an affiliate for Amazon too. So any purchase you make (any purchase, not just my suggested items) through my links, Amazon gives me a small percentage for recommending you. I love Amazon (in case you couldn’t tell). They offer so much and have saved me some money! I look forward to sharing more hot deals with you in the future! ❤


One thought on “Flashbacks and Hot Deals

  1. I somehow missed this post…??….Love the blog and your voice shining through. As a matter of fact, pretty sure we had a very similar convo a while back. 😉 Keep it up!


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