Pillow Projects for an Odd Week

You know how every now and then you just have an odd week? Not that something out of the ordinary or spectacular happened to make your week different, but there’s just a feeling that something is….off. Or different, maybe? Anyways, that was my week. I’ve had an awful itch to do something. Something home related. I REALLY want to paint my wretched bathroom, but I’m waiting on the “okay” from the man of the house. This is how he works: You have to suggest something to him, let him digest the fact you’re going to undertake a project, and then give him more time to come to the realization you don’t need him to accomplish this task. I’ve got him figured out 😉 And by my hopeful calculations I’ll be painting in the next week or two…seriously, he’s a process.

orange bathroom, before bathroom painting

See. It needs painted. Even the gosh dang ceiling. Why they painted the ceiling this color I will never know. Two years ago when we built our house I had all my paint colors picked in my head. We go to the paint store and whoosh out the window go all my plans. I saw this color and had to have it. AHHH!! Mistake. It will be changed. Mark my words.

Anyways, back to what this post is really about: pillow projects for an odd week. Since I wasn’t able to start painting quite yet I had to relieve my itch some other way. So I took to my huge container(s) of fabric.

tub of fabric, fabric storage, sewing

A few years ago I bought some cute fall fabric with no plans in mind. Wait, maybe that has been the deal; it started to feel like fall around here and then all of a sudden we were hit with some summer heat again…I may be on to something there. Anyhow, back to the fabric. So I found my fabric at the bottom of the tub and whipped up some quick envelope pillow covers. I made my first envelope pillow covers a year or so ago and followed this tutorial. It was so easy that I haven’t needed to refer back to it since and have made too many covers as a result. Especially this week. Nine pillow covers this week. To be exact.

And since there are a million holidays headed our way, what better way to use up fabric scraps than by makings some pillow covers! So, starting with the holiday right around the corner: Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, I need costume ideas for the kiddos. I’m at a stalemate. My nonexistent creative juices are, well, nonexistent. Last year it came so easy:

jessie costume, toy story costume, halloween costume

toy story costume, woody costume, halloween costume, baby woody costume

For real. They were perfect!! Evidently I used all I had on last year. HELP!
That being said, my Halloween pillow ideas have come much easier. Here are two of my three planned pillows:

envelope pillow DIY, halloween pillows, ghost pillow, frankenstein pillow

They will be perfect on my bench (that is ALMOST done) and eager to greet you when you come to visit. I plan to make a third as well. Any guesses as to what it may be?! A Jack-O-Lantern, of course. The Frankenstein isn’t the typical envelope pillow. I did some adjusting so that you lift his hair up to insert the pillow. I also messed up on his hair. I intended for the raw edges to be turned inside, but didn’t think everything through and ended up having to leave the raw edges out. It turned out great, but a prime example of “my projects always have an imperfection” problem. I drew their faces on some iron on appliqué backing, ironed them to some fabric, cut them out, ironed them on the pillow, and then fabric painted the edges. I was too lazy to sew them down.
And my Thanksgiving/fall pillows:

envelope pillow DIY, wheat fabric, fall pillows

envelope pillow DIY, pillow sleeve, fall pillows, fall fabric

Notice the “sleeve” on the small one right there^^? That was inspired by this adorable Rudolph pillow sleeve my mother in-law gave me last year. So I made four this week. They aren’t as intricately designed as the Rudolph, but they are cute. The fall sleeve is just a simple rectangle that velcro together in the back. And here are my Christmas pillows (which I also plan to use for my bedroom, spring, and any other time of year since the covers are white):

envelope pillow DIY, christmas pillows, burlap pillow sleeve, paint on burlap, nativity pillow

I had originally planned to make a shower curtain for that horribly painted bathroom above, but instead I found a “manly-ish” curtain (per the request of the hubs) and was left with a million yards of white duck. What better way to use it up than with pillow covers? And I still have 999,997 yards to spare! Over the years I’ve seen some adorably painted burlap and decided to try it myself. I drew what I wanted on some paper with a sharpie, laid my burlap over it and painted my design. Super easy and turned out great! After I painted I sewed a back section onto the painted section and it slides on and off the pillow.

So that’s how my week panned out. Quite successful despite the odd feeling. I’m grateful for the fall weather. It has me in all sorts of a good mood. That is until I think about what season is next and then I am depressed and want to move back to AZ solely so I don’t have to freeze to the bone. See you next time. ❤


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