Tons of Tomatoes

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Yes, I am so very original in my ability to create a tomato spin off of my Zillions of ZucchiniHahaha. I just had to. I’m currently harvesting tons of tomatoes. Continue reading


In My Opinion: A Different Perspective on the Syrian Refugees

syrian refugees, sept. 2015 refugees, male refugees

First things first: This weekend was fantastic! We had some rain which meant the hubs got to spend some time at home, which meant I finally got to start painting that bathroom. Here’s a sneak peak: Continue reading

Chile Verde and Some Non-Fiction

green chile, chile verde, green chile burritos, mexican food, green chile recipe

Chile Verde and Some Non-Fiction

When the chiles were producing like crazy earlier this summer I was in need of a recipe/meal that used a bunch of chiles at a time and tasted amazing. A favorite of mine (don’t worry AZ friends, no one out here comes close to the real Mexican food back home. I miss it.) at the local Mexican food joint came to mind: chile verde. Continue reading

Flashbacks and Hot Deals

clutch, orange clutch, amazon clutch, clutch or purse, envelope purse

I was recently listening to some 80’s and 90’s country (because I CANNOT STAND today’s “country”) and one of my favorites came on: “I’m Alright” by Jo Dee Messina. Take a moment to watch and chuckle at the awesome sunglasses, rad hair-do, and sweet outfits. You know you love it. 
Continue reading

Pillow Projects for an Odd Week

envelope pillow DIY, christmas pillows, burlap pillow sleeve, paint on burlap, nativity pillow

You know how every now and then you just have an odd week? Not that something out of the ordinary or spectacular happened to make your week different, but there’s just a feeling that something is….off. Or different, maybe? Anyways, that was my week. Continue reading