Personalize Bamboo Swaddle

Personalized Bamboo Swaddle

 As I mentioned back in this post, I have been working on an Aiden and Anias wanna-be blanket, you can find real ones here. I knew I wanted something special and light for niece #2, and a personalized bamboo swaddle A.K.A. Aiden and Anias knock off was a great solution. I love the sweet swaddle of those blankets, I’m just not a huge fan of the price -not to mention I wanted a more personal touch. As someone who has decent sewing skills I see these blankets and think “I can make that.” Of course finding the right material is more  of a challenge than the creation. So I did some research and found some bamboo swaddle that was perfect. Now, I’m going to share where I found it, but I almost don’t want to because it could be my own “best kept secret.” No doubt a simple google search would lead you to it, but I still like the idea of: I know where a treasure trove is 😉

So here’s my would have been best kept secret: Simple Swaddle Cloth

**Quick note: As the daughter of a farmer, the wife of a farmer, and the mother of a farmer (ok, I’m counting my eggs before they’ve hatched on that one) I do not support organic farming -don’t get me wrong your garden is a great thing! I believe in herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer and any other “horrible farming practices” out there used by environmentally conscious, intelligent, and wise stewards of the land that happen to feed the WORLD…this note in itself could be a whole post. I just might do that later. So what I’m getting at is: I wish this material wasn’t “organic” but it is, and sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Rant over. For now.

 The awesome thing about this find: it was just over $10 to purchase a yard of this material. The dimensions were slightly smaller than the Aiden and Anias swaddles, but for a cheaper price I’ll take it! Granted it’s white and you have to add your own pizazz, but that’s also great! You get to make it YOURS. I do still adore many of their prints. I wish I had a print set up and could do that myself as well. Anyways, I received my material. Washed and dried it – I can’t remember if it shrank. I believe on their website they say everything is pre-washed, so it shouldn’t have shrunk much if it did. I double folded around the edges and straight stitched them down.

Well it should be no surprise that I changed my mind from plan A which was to create a “stamp” using panty-hose, an embroidery hoop, freezer paper, and paint. Make some whimsical design and try my hand at “screen printing,” but after some careful consideration, that seemed to be a much bigger task than I was wanting to take on. So then I decided on plan B which was to create two large arrows at the bottom of the blanket and write the baby’s name above. I went so far as to draw and cut out the arrows, and create a color scheme.

personalized bamboo blanket, arrow ideas, arrow drawings

baby color scheme, arrow color scheme, blanket paint colors

personalized bamboo blanket, cut out arrows, arrow stencil

Again, I talked myself out of that idea. Not that it was a bad idea, I just didn’t feel it was the right thing to do for this particular project. So on to plan C. What is plan C? I didn’t know for awhile. Then it seemed simple. Scale down plan B for plan C. So that’s what I did.

personalized bamboo blanket, arrow drawings

I obviously toyed with the idea of writing the name in the arrow’s shaft, but I just wasn’t getting the look I was going for. Another one of those “my ideas don’t match my outcome” problems.

personalized bamboo blanket, arrow stencil

I finally decided on this design. Which I think is perfect! I drew it out on freezer paper with a sharpie and doubled the thickness of the lines. They were still pretty thin! I didn’t realize how thin it was until I started cutting it out. That was almost nerve racking. I had to keep reminding myself to cut out the black part and not cut beyond that on the white part or my stencil would be compromised. Then thankfully I remember I need the center of the heart to be fully in tact to use it as part of the stencil too. Fewww, I finally got it all cut out and in a usable piece. I probably would have quit had I messed up. No joke.

personalized bamboo blanket, painted arrow stencil, baby blanket DIY

I ironed the paper onto the material, painted it, and let it dry. Then I prayed that the seal on the material was good and the paint wouldn’t seep. I’m just waiting for me to make a huge “this is obviously handmade by a non-perfectionist” type of mistake.

personalized bamboo blanket, baby swaddle DIY, painted arrow on fabric

Relief. It turned out pretty good. At least by my standards. I told my husband, “Well my arrow looks pretty good. I’m debating on whether or not to add her name because I’m bound to mess it up beyond all repair.” I’m one of those if it looks good leave it alone. Don’t chance pushing anything to the limits because you might ruin it. If I were a professional athlete I would definitely retire at the top of my game. No sense in going downhill for a few more bucks. Ya know what I mean? I’m not saying I don’t give it my all or try my hardest, there’s just some things I don’t like to over-do because I tend to go too far and then I wish I had quit a long time ago -mostly in terms of making things.

personalized bamboo swaddle, how to cut out thin writing

After writing out the name and doubling the thickness as before I was still intimidated by how thin the stencil was. Then it donned on me, I have an “exacto” knife to help me cut it out. While it did prove to be easier, the corners were tricky. I didn’t want them so square and boxy. Anyways, I got the name cut out, ironed on, and painted.

personalized bamboo swaddle, baby swaddle DIY, painted blanket DIY

I wish my color was more coral than peach. Oh well. I like the softness of the colors and I think they will work well. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd TAAAADAAAAA!!!!!

personalized bamboo swaddle, DIY painted fabric

personalized bamboo swaddle, DIY painted fabric

It turned out perfect! Located at the lower left hand corner. It is the perfect size and pretty dang close to what I had envisioned (brownie points! mmm brownies). I will definitely be making more of these. I might even have to try plan A some time.

Before I let you go I have to tell you what Biggin’ Boy has been up to lately. His latest trick is to go around karate chopping things. He especially enjoys wearing oven mitts and “hiiiya”-ing them on the floor. So an hour or so before the party last week I’ve got my back to him and hear him come in the kitchen just gettin’ at it with his “hiya’s.” I’m thinking, “oh he’s so dang cute” then I turn around to see him flinging a wet plunger around yelling “hiya” with every swing. (Slap forehead, close eyes, and shake head). Just what you want before a party – a plunger flinging toilet water all over the kitchen. Gees. His “hiya’s” are still pretty cute though. ❤


5 thoughts on “Personalize Bamboo Swaddle

      1. So I ordered the swaddle cloth, going to try my hand at some but if they are terrible I will ship you the material (I ordered 12) and have you do the rest:)


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