Out With The Three’s

Last weekend we celebrated a FOURTH birthday at our house. I cannot believe it has been FOUR years. The fastest four years of my life. Seriously.

mermaid party, fourth birthday, girl party, mermaid decorationsWe threw a spunky mermaid party. It was surprising that she chose a “mermaid” theme. Anyone that knows this girl knows she is OBSESSED with horses. So it was quite a surprise when she asked for a mermaid party rather than a horse party (or the fairy party I was secretly hoping for). Oh well, I enjoyed the mermaid theme. It was a lot of fun to put together.

fourth birthday, mermaid party, girl partyAnd in true “blogging mom” fashion I’m going to show off share what we did to make the day even more special:

DIY jellyfish, mermaid party

This was definitely my favorite decoration to create. Tell me this isn’t cute. It is stinkin’ cute! Glitter, ribbon, glitter ribbon. Jelly perfection.

jellyfish DIY, mermaid partymermaid party, DIY mermaid decorations

mermaid party, DIY mermaid decorationI have great plans for these blue glitter balls. They may become a variety of things. Christmas decor, coffee table centerpiece balls, who knows what else. Stay tuned, I’ll definitely share. And of course, no mer-party is complete without some shells. Or pearls. Or bubbles.

tassel garland, mermaid party, tassel DIY

And the whole kit-n-caboodle:

mermaid party, mermaid decorations, jellyfish, tassels, mermaid

Gah, ignore the sock. You seriously cannot keep a house clean with two littles running around. One just enjoys playing and not cleaning, and the other enjoys terrorizing. Terrorizing EVERYTHING! Thankfully we got things spick and span for the party.

So as far as food goes it was simple. I did make one of those cute octopus bell pepper guys on top of the veggie tray, but I have no photo evidence. You’ll find it on pinterest. Like everything else 😉 I did however get a picture of the cupcakes. Of course, like almost everything I create, they didn’t quite turn out like the picture in my mind but they tasted good. And that is what matters.

mermaid party, mermaid tail cupcakesOne of my sweetest friends said they looked “professional.” I had to laugh out loud. The picture is deceiving. These were far from professional, but for a rookie they weren’t too bad. The idea was to make it look as if a mermaid was diving in to the cupcake. I didn’t make the fondant stiff enough, so the tails just sagged down. Then I got lazy and didn’t want to make more frosting so that there was a large and tall swirl for it to lay on so it was more vertical. Well, here you have it. Mermaid tails with no mermaid. Not even diving in to the cupcake. Oh well. Like I said, all that matters is they taste good. Which they did.

mermaid tails, mermaid cupcakes, mermaid birthday
Oh, I forgot to mention. I had this awesome idea that the tails would be shimmering. So I got some “disco dust” you can find it here. It didn’t quite turn out, again, like I had envisioned. I think I put too much water down first. Something I’ll definitely need to revisit and play around with.

Anyways, Little A had a blast. She is growing into such a witty and observant little girl. I’m excited to see how much more she learns in the next year. At every age so far I’ve thought, “oh this age is so fun, she can do blah, blah, blah.” Evidently with each year the fun changes, which is probably why it all stays fun. I am beyond grateful to be able to stay home with her to teach, mold, and guide her. Right now she is at such an impressionable stage, and thank You Lord that what she is learning and developing is from mom and dad (I think we’re pretty awesome, haha).

sparkler candles, mermaid partyThis picture melts my heart. Aren’t they the cutest? She truly adores her Daddy, and though he rarely admits it he is completely taken by her.

Funny story, those are “sparkler” candles. They’re pretty neat actually. She was unsure about them at first, but ended up liking them. You can find similar ones here. I will definitely use them again.
Well that’s all for now ❤


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