Easy-Peasy Baby Gifts

It is all about pink out here on the plains. At least in terms of little baby nieces- I am AT LEAST a year out from even thinking about #3 at our house. On the other hand I am so excited to be sewing little girl things for the sweet little bundles joining our family in the next few months. It must have been in the water, all three of my sisters in-law (sister in-laws?) are prepping for girls. That makes the running tally: 10:8. Girls rule and boys drool.

So lately I’ve been putting together some simple hand-crafted gifts: bibs, stuffed animals, blankets, appliquéd onesies….and more to come I’m sure. I’m pretty excited about a blanket I plan to share later. As long as all goes accordingly and it’s worth sharing. Actually, it may end up a fail worth sharing… Either way we’ll be in touch. Hint: it is projected to be an “Aiden and Anais” wanna-be. Strong on the wanna-be.  Today I want to share two stupidly simple sewing projects that are PERFECT for beginners. Super simple stuffed animals and the bandana bib.

Stuffed Animals (giraffe and elephant):

I saw a pin of a simple giraffe made from scraps and was like, “I have scraps. I have paper. I can draw pretty decently. And if that isn’t what I want I have the internet to find a stencil.” Well turns out I can draw pretty decently. This is so stupidly easy, and my drawing was exactly as I envisioned. YAY! Here are my “patterns:”

For the giraffe. For the elephant. DIY stuffed animals, DIY elephant, DIY giraffe, baby toys

What you’ll need:
1. scraps large enough for the pattern x2
1.5. ribbon – 3 two inch strips (giraffe only-unless you get all awesome on me and make the elephant squirt out some water/ribbon)
2. stuffing
3. needle and thread
4. the obvious: sewing machine, scissors, thread, yadda, yadda, yadda
5. optional – jingle bell or some type of rattle to insert

What to do:
1. print and cut out your patterns
2. find scraps large enough to cut two, or get funky and use two different scraps
3. cut out the pattern and pin right sides together
At this point on the giraffe you need to add your “mane” at the neck. I cut two inch strips from ribbon that went with my fabric. Use your discretion for how many ribbons to add to the neck, and adjust the length as desired. Fold your ribbon wrong sides together, lay them between each right side of the giraffe (put them in middle, they’re the meat of the sandwich), the cut end should line up with the edge of the giraffe. Pin in place.
4. sew pieces together, be sure to leave an opening to turn it right side out
5. clip corners and curves
6. flip right-side out and stuff – add rattle if using
On one elephant I stuffed pretty full, and on another I left pretty limp; the trunk had no stuffing in it, and the body was lightly stuffed only for volume. I liked both – do as you please.
7. stitch up your opening and enjoy!
What an awful picture. ^^^That giraffe has three “hairs” on its mane. I didn’t notice the bottom one was folded under. Sorry! Pretend you can see it.

Bandana Bib:
linked to/idea from: youresomartha.wordpress.com

This is a must to make for babies! It’s easy and they are SO SO SO adorable. Here’s proof:
DIY bandana bib, baby gift DIY

DIY bandana bib, baby gift DIY

DIY bandana bib, baby gifts DIY

Seriously. Look at how adorable these are. And that baby! Oh my goodness! I can’t take it. Too. Dang. Cute. I can’t believe that was already NINE months ago. Tear!

Let’s first make a pattern. AKA a triangle. The bandanas above are these dimensions: 11 1/2 inches make up the two “slanted” sides that go down to the almost right angel, and the base of the triangle that goes around the neck is 17 inches. I cut the triangle out on freezer paper. No need to add room for a seam, that is already included (1/4″ seam is what I did). These sizes could be easily changed depending on what size baby you’re making them for. Now you’re ready to move on.

What you need:
1. 1 yd of fabric – washed & ironed
2. your pattern
3. snaps and snap putter-oner
4. the usual – thread, scissors, sewing machine and what not

What to do:
1. using your pattern cut your pieces from your fabric
Pay attention to the fabric’s print. Does it need to be cut a certain direction so your bandana doesn’t come out upside-down or backwards? Check out my OSU bandana. I used some scraps, so I didn’t have enough room to cut it to where the squares on the fabric would be going the right direction. Still turned out fine, but some prints may not be as forgiving. You could fold your fabric in half to do all the cutting at once, but pay attention to your print!
2. with right sides together sew along the edges, leaving an opening to flip right-side out
3. trim corners and flip
4. iron flat and sew along the edge of the bandana
This not only closes up your hole, but leaves a nice polished look. I also like this step because after you wash the bandana it stays in place better and you don’t need to iron it flat again.
5. attach your snaps.
I use this snap tool AKA “putter-oner,” and these snaps – because you HAVE to HAVE pearl snaps. They’re the cherry on top. Attaching the snaps is super easy. All you need are your snaps, the putter-oner, a hammer, and some common sense. Just be careful not to pound too hard on the pearl snaps. I’ve cracked a few. Whoops. 
Once your snaps are attached snap the snaps together and give them a nice tug to make sure they won’t come apart. Fix as needed and you’re done!

So super easy right?! Now go make tons and give to all the mommas you pass by. ❤


3 thoughts on “Easy-Peasy Baby Gifts

  1. If you need a break from the pink, I may know someone expecting a boy;) I have always envied your sewing talent! and those throwbacks of baby Wyatt kill me! He was (and still is) so dang cute!


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