In My Opinion: Gender Identity

I’ve really felt led the last few weeks to post something “controversial” so to say. I’ve prayed about what issue to share my opinion on and I feel that I’ve found my first “In My Opinion” topic. I think this might begin to be a regular thing, and by regular I mean whenever I have the itch to discuss something deep.

Recently my eyes have been bombarded with shows, commercials, news stories, and what have you pertaining to gender identity. Continue reading


Personalize Bamboo Swaddle

Personalized Bamboo Swaddle

 As I mentioned back in this post, I have been working on an Aiden and Anias wanna-be blanket, you can find real ones here. I knew I wanted something special and light for niece #2, and a personalized bamboo swaddle A.K.A. Aiden and Anias knock off was a great solution. I love the sweet swaddle of those blankets, I’m just not a huge fan of the price -not to mention I wanted a more personal touch. As someone who has decent sewing skills I see these blankets and think “I can make that.” Of course finding the right material is more  of a challenge than the creation. So I did some research and found some bamboo swaddle that was perfect. Continue reading

Out With The Three’s

mermaid party, fourth birthday, girl party, mermaid decorations

Last weekend we celebrated a FOURTH birthday at our house. I cannot believe it has been FOUR years. The fastest four years of my life. Seriously.

mermaid party, fourth birthday, girl party, mermaid decorations Continue reading

Easy-Peasy Baby Gifts

DIY bandana bib, baby gift DIY

It is all about pink out here on the plains. At least in terms of little baby nieces- I am AT LEAST a year out from even thinking about #3 at our house. On the other hand I am so excited to be sewing little girl things for the sweet little bundles joining our family in the next few months. Continue reading