Tidbits and Weight Loss

I’m going to skip the lead in story and get straight to it. Here are my secrets: bikinibodymommy.com, the “Get Running” App, and the “Runtastic Pro” app.
Last week at Talking Rock Caverns, Missouri

Now for the back story.  I am pregnant with our first. Living minutes away from nearly anything I want to eat. On come the pounds. Over 50 pounds gained in the short nine months. I checked in to the hospital at a whopping 207. It was a low. I was disgusted with myself. But my self disgust didn’t amount to anything until about six months later when spring hit. I had lost about 30 pounds from nursing, which is quite remarkable, but I still had plenty to lose. So I took to running. Something I had never done, outside of high school sports. Something I actually HATED. My sister in-law told me about the “Get Running” app, which is like “Couch to 5K.” So I followed all the start-up steps, put on some shoes, packed up Little A, and off we were on our first run. Nine weeks later I was running just under three miles, three times a week.
What I loved most about running was the time I got to spend with my Lord. I couldn’t listen to music, and still can’t. Instead I pray. While my body was physically being changed, so was my spirit, and over time I began to love myself and see me as God sees me. It was so refreshing to be able to see myself in a new way. Everyone deserves and needs to see themselves this way. If you’ve never tried running, I suggest getting out. Leave your music behind and enjoy your surroundings. It is refreshing.

As I became more comfortable with running I downloaded the “Runtastic Pro” app. I like this app because I was able to record my runs, challenge myself, and improve my times. It can also be used for other activities such as walking and rowing.

aug2011 run2012
First day home with Little A approx. 199lbs. – one year later, “Hot Momma’s Run” 133lbs.

Fast forward to the pregnancy of Big-Dub. I was excited to start a pregnancy at a weight I probably hadn’t seen since 7th grade. 127 pounds to be exact (yes, that was an 80 pound loss from the birth of Little A). This time would be different. I vowed to eat better and exercise regularly. Unfortunately it didn’t matter, 50 pounds and 9 months later I gave birth again. On the bright side, I was 20+ pounds less at this birth than at the last!

After starting another pregnancy from a lower weight, eating better (mostly impart to moving to the middle of the plains), and exercising regularly I was still down on myself. Like most moms after birth, I hated my body. It was puffy, saggy, enormous, and all out unattractive. It wasn’t that I just had to be back to my pre pregnancy weight, but I also missed the time spent outside and in prayer. Anyone who has had a baby knows that your world is rocked and what was once a solid routine no longer exists, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and order does return! Luckily this time I was equipped with helpful tools and knowledge to help get me back on track. I had my apps, a double jogger (Baby Trend, I HIGHLY recommend), and a new found workout routine.

Now on to Bikini Body Mommy. First off, it’s not just for “mommies” it’s for ANYONE, at any weight, any age, and gender. Can I just say it’s awesome. I enjoy it. I totally recommend it. Oh and did I mention, her workouts are FREE! Yep, found on youtube totally free. Four 90-day challenges. FREE. Each week Briana creates a cardio routine and a strength routine each consisting of 8-10 moves, and each routine is repeated 3 days a week. She structures her workouts based on the high-intensity interval training (HIIT). So each move is performed for 50-60 seconds with a 10-20 second rest period. She also does “super-sets” but you need to try her routines to find out what those awesome things are. So besides the great, FREE, workouts the only equipment you need to start on a new track is a set of weights (I’ve got 5 pounders). You also need a chair for step-ups (such as a dining room chair). Other than that you’re set.  She does the warm up and cool down with you along with the routine. Each video is between 20-30 minutes. One of the best parts is you can do it anywhere, any time. She has truly put together a program you have no excuse not to try. She also offers a nutrition guide, and other neat stuff I encourage you to take advantage of.

With my helpful tools it only took me 11 months to get back to about where I was before. Of course my body is different now, but I’m learning to accept that. I know first hand how difficult it is to love your body, and not find areas that need improvement. As I get older and Little A gets older, I hope to be a good example and remember that while being healthy is important, size and weight aren’t what matter. What matters is that we care for the temple in which our Holy Spirit lives. And He is more important than our looks, and when He radiates inside of us we radiate on the outside. That being said, I’m so grateful for the motivation and ability to exercise. I hope you are inspired to better your temple! 😉
One month after giving birth (178 lbs.) – One year later day 75 Bikini Body Mommy 4.0 (130 lbs.) 


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